Turning the Tide on Conversions: The Coupon Publisher Advantage

AdCoupon Team | May 8, 2023

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In recent years, coupon advertising has emerged as a powerful tool for ecommerce brands looking to drive sales and increase conversions. This trend is particularly evident in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where coupon usage has seen a significant uptick in recent years. This presents a significant opportunity for ecommerce brands looking to increase their market share in the region, particularly when leveraging the advantages of coupon publishers.

Coupon publishers are websites that specialize in distributing discount coupons to consumers. They work with ecommerce brands to create targeted campaigns that offer consumers exclusive discounts and promotions. These campaigns are typically hosted on the publisher’s website, where consumers can easily access and redeem the coupons.

One of the key advantages of working with coupon publishers is their ability to reach a large and engaged audience. Many coupon publishers in MENA have established a loyal following of bargain-hunting consumers who actively seek out deals and discounts. By partnering with these publishers, ecommerce brands can tap into this existing audience and drive significant traffic to their website.

Another advantage of coupon publishers is their ability to provide highly targeted campaigns. Publishers have access to a wealth of consumer data, which they can use to create targeted campaigns that reach the most relevant audience. This allows ecommerce brands to ensure that their campaigns are reaching the right people, which can significantly increase the chances of converting them into paying customers.

Coupon publishers also provide a high level of flexibility and control over campaigns. Ecommerce brands can work with publishers to create campaigns that meet their specific needs, whether it’s targeting a specific geographic location or demographic group. This allows brands to tailor their campaigns to their target audience, which can help to increase conversions and maximize ROI.

One potential concern with coupon advertising is that it can attract price-sensitive consumers who may not be loyal to a brand. However, coupon publishers can help to mitigate this risk by providing a targeted audience of consumers who are already interested in the brand’s products or services. This can help to ensure that the brand is attracting the right kind of customers who are more likely to become repeat purchasers.

One example is the online beauty retailer, Sephora, which offers a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products. To drive sales during a particularly competitive time, Sephora partnered with Cobone, a leading coupon publisher in the UAE, to offer exclusive discounts on popular products. By reaching a targeted audience of bargain-hunting consumers on Cobone’s platform, the campaign generated significant traffic and sales, helping the brand to achieve its goals.

Another example is the online furniture retailer, Home Centre, which operates in several countries throughout MENA. To increase sales and encourage more customers to try its services, Home Centre partnered with Groupon, a popular coupon publisher in the region, to offer exclusive discounts on its products. By reaching a targeted audience of budget-conscious consumers on Groupon’s platform, the campaign generated significant traffic and helped to increase the conversion rate for the brand.

A third example is the online fashion retailer, Namshi, which has built a loyal following in the MENA region through its focus on trendy, affordable clothing. To increase sales during the holiday shopping season, Namshi partnered with VoucherCodesUAE, a popular coupon publisher in the region, to offer exclusive discounts on a range of products. The campaign generated a high level of engagement and interest, helping the brand to increase conversions and boost its bottom line.

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Coupon advertising through specific publishers in MENA provided e-commerce brands with a powerful tool for increasing conversions and driving sales. By leveraging the advantages of these publishers, brands were able to reach a targeted audience of consumers, provide exclusive discounts, and generate significant increases in traffic and sales. As coupon advertising continues to gain popularity in MENA, it presents a significant opportunity for e-commerce brands to turn the tide on conversions and drive long-term success.

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